Insurance Strategies

Sample Client Assignments

  • Peer review actuary signing off on the analysis on a $1 billion Bank Owned Life Insurance purchase as a corporate investment of the bank
  • Unraveled a 20 year old "neglected" "orphaned" corporate executive life insurance program to determine the exact nature of the benefit promise and how best to manage the individual polices to meet the original commitments at the lowest possible cost outlay, without providing windfall benefits, while minimizing tax liabilities of the covered individuals, and prepared explanation materials for current management and for the covered individuals
  • Determined why an in-force 20,000 life leveraged Corporate Owned Life Insurance program of a Baby Bell had not been generating the anticipated cash flows
  • Determined why an insurance financed/hedged executive deferred compensation program of a major investment banking house was generating significant financial losses during market downturns and advised on how to redesign the financing structure to fix the design flaw
  • Advised a major investment banking house on the design of an insurance financed non-qualified deferred compensation program for its senior staff, including a 20 year financial model that demonstrated that the program had the potential to be too large relative to the size of the enterprise and its financials and therefore needed to be scaled down in size
  • Advised a major brokerage house on the potential catastrophic financial sinkhole resulting from the design of a non-qualified executive deferred compensation program of an acquisition and counseled on the termination of the program
  • Advised many large multinationals on the potential financial advantages and the pitfalls of putting employee benefits in captive insurance companies
  • Advised a business entity on the need to avoid an insurance proposal predicated on inconsistent economic assumptions between those underlying the insurance company‚Äôs assumed results and those presumed for the business entity
  • Provided expert report for a Fortune 100 company which prevailed in arbitration against its life insurer, who claimed fraudulent submission of underwriting data. Demonstrated that carrier had made errors in underwriting procedures, but that actual death claims were within reasonable variance from expectations